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This guide is intended as a reference guide and should be updated frequently as new versions of Abaqus are released and features are added. For more up-to-date information, please see the online materials on our web site at [ **Table 1: Various Abaqus analysis and visualization tools** ![img](images/fig1.jpg) Figure 1. Abaqus The Abaqus workflow consists of three phases: a model generation phase, a model analysis phase, and a simulation and visualization phase. The workflow is presented in Figure 2. In the following paragraphs we describe the functions for each phase in detail. ![A general workflow for Abaqus analyses.](images/fig2.jpg) Figure 2. The Abaqus workflow **Model Generation** The primary purpose of the model generation phase is to create a numerical model of the problem. A numerical model is a mathematical representation of the physical behavior of the system studied. The mathematical model is created as a data file and is written in a finite element format (.fdt). This data file is analyzed using the command-line tools included in Abaqus. This toolkit is available for many different operating systems and comes pre-installed on Windows, Linux, and MacOS machines. To use the command-line toolkit, you need to be familiar with the Abaqus command-line syntax and be comfortable with using a command line. For more information on using Abaqus through the command line, please see the Abaqus User's Guide in the online materials. A numerical model is created using one or more steps, each step defining the boundary conditions of the problem. For a duct-dominated airflow problem, the basic steps are: (1) model the ductwork, (2) mesh the ductwork, (3) model the geometric assembly, (4) mesh the geometric assembly, (5) load the assembly, (6) solve the assembly, and (7) mesh the assembly. Many additional steps can be used to help the analyst determine the accuracy of the results, such as creating a sensitivity analysis. Please see the Abaqus user's guide for more information on using the command-line tools for model creation. **Model Analysis** The purpose of the model analysis phase is to make predictions based on



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Abaqus 6.13 Torrent Download turtday

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